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Uniq Metal Sp. o.o. there is on the market since 2011. We specialize in the trade of rare metals and precious metals. We are a leading buying non-ferrous metals in Poland.

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Metals trade

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Rare metals trade 
We specialize in trading of rare and precious metals. For many years we have been buying different precious metals. We cooperate with companies, institutions and private individuals with various types of ferrous metal scrap. A detailed list of metals, that are being bought by us is in the section “price list”. If you can not find there the metal you own, please contact us. 

Metals trade – Uniq Metal
The purchase of metals we held in our firm is characterized by professionalism, express and fair pricing and customer service at the highest level. We buy all kinds of rare metals and precious metals. If you have scrap gold, silver, copper. We have a professional spectrometer for analyzing the chemical composition of metals offered. As a result, we are able to offer a fair valuation precisely adapted to the material offered. 
How does metal purchases happen on the Internet?

It's very simple, the whole process consists of three stages.

Firstly, please contact our sales department and determine all the details.

Then deliver the goods to us. You can do it in person or send by courier. For larger quantities of scrap, our commercial department will tell you how to arrange transport.

The last stage is the pricing. Our clients receive the money the same day! 

We offer attractive purchase prices of metals. If you want more details, select the price list from the list:

Purchase carbide - prices
Purchase tantalum - prices
Purchase palladium - prices 

Platinum is derived from the platinum group of metals and is one of the most expensive precious metal. That's why it received a nickname "white gold" - in the last 25 years there were times when the price of platinum was 3 times higher than the price of gold. This made the recovery of platinum from scrap very popular in those times. At the moment, the price of the metal is close to the price of gold. 
Platinum is the most commonly used metal in industry, medicine, and less frequently in jewelry,  where gold is still more popular.
It should also be emphasized that platinum, as one of not many precious metals, does not react with most acids, metals and gases, which makes it a perfect catalyst in various fields. It is also interesting , that unlikely to gold or silver, a person can not be allergic to platinum, this possibility simply does not exist. 
Platinum trading is carried out iwith various forms of this metal, and the most popular are: platinum wire, platinum plates, pots, lids, various platinum products, rings, catalytic platinum nets and platinum electrodes. 


Metal trade
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Metal trade

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